One-to-One Wellbeing Coretreat Sessions

Self-Care | Self-Observation | Self-Actualization

These Coretreat sessions are a time for you to counteract your external environment’s noise with silence, quiet your mind, get a clear idea for your real needs and your personal goals in order to find balance in mind, body, spirit and ultimately in your life.

One-to-One Wellbeing Session is 100% tailored to your own needs.  Our focus will be on your top work-life wellbeing challenges, on releasing any possible blockage of yours and plan TOGETHER your strategy so that you feel empowered and ready to make any beneficial change towards the achievement of your goals. You will leave these Coretreat sessions with practical daily tools which nurture your inner balance and happiness.

What can you expect from a Coretreat wellbeing session?

  • Deeper understanding of mind, body, spirit
  • Work-Life balance
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Breaking unhealthy habits such as smoking and adapting of new,healthy ones
  • Achievement of dietary goals
  • Recognition and acceptance of your real needs,desires and wants
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Protection in every field of your life
  • Enchancing of your personal and sexual life
  • Refocus and achievement of your professional and personal goals
  • Vitality and energy

You would benefit from Coreterat wellbeing sessions if you:

  • Feel that you are under a lot of stress
  • Have a burnout
  • Are engaging in self-sabotaging behavior
  • Would like to strengthen your communication and connection skills
  • Are not physically and mentally healthy,as you would like to be
  • Would like to build a healthy personal and sexual life
  • Need support and guidance on moving forward with your professional steps
  • Do not know what to do about a major life decision

These sessions are not just about personal development but rediscovering your inner existing power which would lead you to entirely bloom!