We have all been experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, which came and changed 100% the way we live, work, have fun and communicate.

Until about March 2020, our lives were running on autopilot, we were constantly working, going out and having fun non-stop, huddled in malls, dancing and hugging at concerts and parties, without having the slightest idea of what was about to happen and how our lives would dramatically change.

Upon the announcement of the pandemic, the new prevention and protection measures, the quarantine and the increasingly strict bans, we realized how important health is and how fragile freedom is. In the beginning, we all respected the measures and coordinated in a new regime, in all areas. Work evolved at best into telecommuting, entertainment was limited to mainly home environment, communication was based on digital media and travel entered the realm of fantasy.

If all this was happening for a short period of time, probably, there would be no issue, just a short break out of a frenetic life and then back to reality, with the coronavirus being a distant memory. A year later, however, we are still here, with stricter measures, with less patience, with exhausted stamina and heavier psychological burden. We have months to go out to have fun, to travel, to smell the air and the sea and most importantly, to hug our loved ones. 1 year of oppression and depression. Someone would say we live a true curse. Is it, indeed?

All of the above are valid and indeed, some people experience the pandemic as a curse. It is very easy to feel victim of the situation, since we can not intervene and change what is happening, as it is beyond our control. But what if we decided to focus on what we can influence, what we can control? Our thoughts for example, our mood, our dreams, and our goals. The pandemic, apart from the negative elements, feelings and limitations it brought, it pulled the brakes on all of us and gave us an opportunity – the opportunity for introspection. When everything outside changes, collapses or transforms, it made us look inside. It’s our opportunity to hear our inner voice, our mind, our body, what do they have to say to us!? Is everything okay or do some points need our attention and care?

If all goes well, if we feel great, we can then take advantage of this cessation of our intense daily routine and focus on how we can achieve our goals and dreams. Let’s make a plan, a blueprint of where we are and where we want to go. Let’s close our eyes and think that we have already reached there. If from this point, we look back, how we got up to here, what actions we took, what decisions we made in the meantime, then all this composes the approach we must follow to finally reach our goal.

But if something is not quite right or it doesn’t go as planned, if we do not feel happy, let’s take this unique opportunity to find out what is wrong! We may not have another chance. Because when all this is over, we will return to our intense routines, to our constant obligations and daily activities and our attention will again be switched on the outside, on those around us and not on ourselves. Let’s deal today with our ego and our needs. How do we do that?

  1. First, let’s devote ourselves some time within the day to deal with ourselves. Find the time of day that best suits you, so that you can be alone for a few minutes, calm, without breaks and distractions, in a familiar and safe environment.
  2. Relax, listen to some music that calms you, light scented candles or sticks and sit comfortably. If you are familiar with it, you can also meditate so that the transition is easier and more efficient.
  3. Think about what you like in your life, from what you get strength and joy. Then, think about what pulls you down, what blocks you, what binds your energy and what bothers you. If you were not who you are, who would you be? What would you do? How different would your life be? Get in the observer’s position. Notice what is difficult for you, what is exhausting you? Is it an unfulfilled dream? Is it a failure? Have you suppressed something you want or believe? Try to think and understand what you feel, what you have learned from it. It will help you redefine your history, your values, or what you say to yourself. Recognize what you have done for it, what your victories and accomplishments are. It will help you to feel grateful. Be true to yourself!
  4. After observing the above, focus on solutions, experiment, see what options are available and gather the tools needed to achieve your goal. Remember that your goal should be simple, clear and up to you, not out of your control. Try not to be strict with yourself, don’t judge yourself and don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique, as are your goals and dreams!
  5. Connect with people who can inspire and support you during your attempt.
  6. Do not rest. Take time for yourself. Work and communication with ourselves is not done all at once. It needs daily care, engagement and repetition.
  7. Stay open!

The Pandemic allowed us to have and use this time and it provided the framework to communicate with our inside. Take advantage of it. Maybe, it is not so bad after all. Whatever creates opportunities and possibilities, is not purely bad.

Besides, it taught us other things.

To respect our health and our limits.

To put exercise more actively into our lives. How much more we have gotten out for exercise and felt better when we returned home?

We developed new talents and skills, from cooking and baking, to cultivating artistic veins at Tiktok. 🙂

We understood the meaning and importance of communication, companionship and socialization.

If we take advantage of all the opportunities created by the pandemic, it may eventually be a Blessing!